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Driving Tips To Save Gas [1]

street map image Before you even put the key in the ignition, plan your trip.
Many people will just hop into their car to drive to the post office, come back home and park their car. An hour or two later they get right back in and drive to the market. This scenario is repeated over and over and it shouldn't be this way.

You will get better gas mileage if you combine errands into one trip since a warm engine uses less fuel. While you are at it, plan it out so you take the shortest route and/or roads with the least traffic.

Google Maps and the AAA site has lots of trip planning information and maps.

clock image Choose the right time to drive
Many times simply leaving fifteen minutes early or leaving just after the rush can save you travel time and gas. Why? because all that stop and go will use up a huge amount of gas especially if you drive a car with a V6 engine or an SUV.

Check traffic reports via television, radio or through online traffic reports before leaving your home or office.

Disable All Wheel Drive
All-wheel drive or four-wheel drive is great for traction control on snowy or off-road use, but it will consume quite a bit of gas. If you are on clear paved roads then disable the all-wheel drive mode to save gas. Only use this option when weather or road conditions dictate.

Blurred car imageAvoid jack rabbit starts and stops
This is a tough one for some folks to resist especially the younger drivers, but avoid stomping on the gas pedal when the light turns green. While it may seem cool to hear that engine rev hard, fast starts out of the line will consume huge amounts of gas as the engine has to work much harder to get the car up to speed. If you do this enough times in a row you'll actually see your gas gauge get closer to empty very, very quickly. Accelerate gradually when starting off and extend your gas mileage and the life of your drive-train.

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